Large volumes require big solutions

Meet the new Twin set-up SC-940/NextGen: a state-of-the-art machine that dries up to 11,000 lbs. of leafy vegetables per hour and maintains the high end quality product.

Our Twin set-up is a unique combination of machines that permits processing large quantities of leafy vegetables. The outstanding feature of this dual centrifuge setup is its capability to keep the process running on one machine, while maintenance is carried out on the other. So half of the processing capacity is assured.

Two type SC-940/NextGen centrifuges form the core of the setup.

This machine has already proven itself in a previous version – the SC-940. Our patented drum suspension and the quality of the bearings are unique and they ensure long service life, which is why Sormac offers warranty on the bearings of either 10,000 operating hours or 5 years.

The patented ­filling system prevents unnecessary damage using the infeed loading conveyor which loads the product sideways directly onto the drum surface. The standard Twin set-up is equipped with one dewatering conveyor and one feeding conveyor, two infeed loading conveyors, two type SC-940/NextGen centrifuges and dual outfeed and buffer conveyors.