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Belt slicer BSM

The Sormac BSM-150 belt slicer with its capacity of 800 kg/h is ideal for small and medium-sized companies where vegetables are sliced. The machine can process a highly diverse range of vegetables up to a max. width of 150 mm and with a transfer height of a maximum of 30 mm. The belt slicer is available as a short version (1,500 mm long belt) or as a long version (2,300 mm long belt).

Both versions can optionally be supplied with preparation tables accommodating two and four people respectively. Small diameter idle rollers support the produce virtually all the way to the knives. Together with top quality knives, this contributes to a high quality of cutting and slicing. The standard configuration of the belt slicer has a touch panel and casters.

The full-colour touch panel enables easy operation:

  • Various languages can be set: German, French, English and Dutch;
  • The cutting lengths can be set from 1-40 mm by pressing one key.

Their convenient sizes makes the slicing discs easy to replace and adjust.

Product specification

Different varieties of vegetables with maximum diameters of 140 mm can be processed. The product must be free from hard skins, sand and stones.


The capacity is 500-800 kg/hr., depending on cutting size and product.


Uniquely designed upper and lower belts

The ingenious design of the upper and lower belts ensures that the product is held almost until the very moment that it reaches the knife. This ensures an accurate and high cutting quality.

User-friendly operation

You can use the touch panel to easily set the correct knife and the desired cutting size.

Hygienic machine design

No tools are needed to remove parts; this enables easy machine cleaning when changing over to another product and after production.

Quick release system for knives

The different knives can be replaced and secured quickly and easily by means of a quick release system.

Belt slicer BSM

Dimension drawing


Type BSM-150 BSM-150L
Voltage 230V, 50/60Hz 230V, 50/60Hz
Installed power 1.85 kW 2.52 HP 1.85 kW 2.52 HP
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,785 x 710 x 1,395 mm 5’-10.3” x 2’-4.0” x 4’-7.0” 2,580 x 710 x 1,395 mm 8’-5.7” x 2’-4.0” x 4’-7.0”
Water consumption --
Air consumption --
Preparation table, number of people 24