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Peeling machine CBS / MBS

The Sormac carborundum peeler and Sormac knife peeler are ideal for peeling of root products such as potatoes, kohlrabi and celeriac. In the carborundum version (CBS-60) the
machine has a carborundum covered interior and a carborundum disc.

The peeling disc can be taken out and is designed to enable the product to rotate within the machine. This allows the product to be peeled evenly around.

In the knife peeling version (MBS-60), the product is knife peeled to obtain a smooth surface. Any potential bruising and peeling losses are greatly reduced thanks to precision knife adjustment and the blue rubber skin inside the drum.

The construction is very compact with the motor inside the machine. For cleaning purposes the machine is equipped with legs. These adjustable legs can be supplied in different sizes.

Product specification

These peelers are suitable for peeling potatoes, celery root, kohlrabi etc. with a diameter between 0.4” – 7.1”.


The CBS abrasive peeler and MBS knife peeler have an input capacity up to 2,200 lbs per hour, depending on product type and required waste percentage.


Exchangeable drum and disc MBS - Sormac

Exchangeable drum and disc

Easy change-over enables both abrasive and knife peeling.

Exchangeable baffles MBS/CBS - Sormac

Exchangeable baffles

Exchangeable baffles for optimal peeling of different root vegetables.

Magnetic security CBS/MBS - Sormac

Magnetic security


Pneumatic outfeed flap CBS/MBS - Sormac

Pneumatic outfeed flap

Empties the drum automatically. The machine can be combined with a supply conveyor with a timer to create an automatic processing line.

Supply conveyor with timer CBS/MBS - Sormac

Supply conveyor with timer

A supply conveyor with a timer enables the automatic operation of the peeler.

Stainless steel blade disc with plastic guide discs

The blade disc is completely made of stainless steel and features plastic strips to prevent flat peeling.

Non-standard carborundum size

Non-standard carborundum size

Adjusted to the different products.

Peeling machine CBS / MBS


Voltage230/400V, 50/60Hz230/400V, 50/60Hz
Installed power1.50 kW or 1.36 HP1.50 kW or 1.36 HP
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,140 x 710 x 1,075 mm or 3’-8.9” x 2’-4.0” x 3’-6.4” 1,140 x 710 x 1,075 mm or 3’-8.9” x 2’-4.0” x 3’-6.4”
Water consumption0 – 0.5 m3/h0 – 0.5 m3/h
Peeling principleCarborundum Knives