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Centrifuge MC

The Sormac MC-44 centrifuge removes excess water from leafy vegetables and other cut and uncut produce. The basket with the produce is placed in the machine. When the lid is closed, the machine will start running at a pre-set speed of, e.g., 700 rpm. The lid is locked while the centrifuge is working.

When the centrifuge has stopped, the lid is unlocked and opened automatically. The basket with the dewatered produce can then be removed from the machine. Users can set the speed and the cycle time by opening the control cabinet.

The MC-44/Vario centrifuge features a touchscreen for making these settings. The MC-44/Vario configuration enables users to choose from 100 different programs with different cycle times and speeds of between 350 and 1,000 rpm. It features a user-friendly touchscreen for this purpose.

There are also programs with a slow start and stop for delicate produce. Furthermore, programs with a ‘reversal function’ can also be chosen. The direction of rotation is then reversed during the process, so that the leaves are dewatered even more effectively. If desired, users can create programs of their own choice.

The machines have been built with the patented basket locking system ‘Basket Lock ®’. This system developed by Sormac prevents the baskets from coming loose from the basket holder; a common problem in basket centrifuges. This may cause the basket or machine to be damaged or – even worse – there is a possibility of plastic ending up in the product.

Product specification

The MC-44 centrifuge is suited to all kinds of vegetables.

MC-44/Vario features:

  • adjustable drying time
  • adjustable speed
  • slow start function
  • reversal function


Up to 2,200 lbs per hour, depending on the product and the centrifuge time.

Speed MC-44: 700 rpm (can be adjusted by the customer)
Speed MC-44/Vario: 350 – 1.000 rpm




Easy operation to set centrifuge time, centrifuge speed, slow-start, reversal function and pre-set recipes.

Lowest insert height

A 1` 10 1/16″ insert height makes changing baskets easy.

Standard version with heavy-duty bearings

Processes batches up to 33 lbs.

Patented Basket Lock

Basket Lock firmly attaches baskets in place during centrifuging cycle.

Magnetic security

The magnet keeps the lid closed during centrifuging and automatically opens at the end of the cycle.


Carousel for 3 centrifuge baskets

Three centrifuge baskets can be placed on the carousel quickly and easily. The carousel is equipped with swivel castors so it is easy to move.

Platform for 3 or 6 centrifuge baskets

Platform for 3 or 6 centrifuge baskets

A solid rack to store 3 or 6 centrifuge baskets.


Fine-mesh basket

Fine-mesh basket

A fine-mesh basket can be used for small products.

Centrifuge MC

Dimension drawing


Type MC-44 MC-44/Vario
Voltage230V, 50/60Hz 230V, 50/60Hz
Total installed power1,10 kW 1.50 HP 1,10 kW 1.50 HP
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3’-0.1” x 1’-11.4” x 2’-11.7” 3’-0.1” x 1’-11.4” x 2’-11.7”
Type of controlAnalog Digital touchscreen