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Stepflow singulator PVW

The stepflow singulator type PVW meets the need to singulate carrots or other long-shaped vegetables like e.g. salad cucumbers, courgettes, etc. The knife peeler type KP-60 or the carrot topper/piece cutter type WOS-1A are ideal machines to place behind the stepflow singulator.

The machine operates according to the known shuffle principle. Two up and down moving, step-shaped plates lift the carrots out of the infeed hopper. Next to this, the carrots fall in a V-conveyor.

The special infeed hopper takes care of an extra high filling degree.

The electrical components are in a handy, swivel-mounted control panel. Stepflow singulator and V-conveyor are controlled by 2 coupled frequency converters so that the speed of both always is in a good relation. To achieve optimal singulation, it may be necessary to install a second slightly faster V-conveyor.

Product specification

The stepflow singulator type PVW is suitable for singulating long-shaped root vegetables, especially carrots, salad cucumbers, and courgettes. The product needs to be rather straight and without leaves. The diameter is between 1” and 2 9/16″.


The capacity of the stepflow singulator is between 3.000 and 8.000 pieces per hour dependent on product length.


• good design with simple control
• easy to integrate with several machines like knife peeler KP, UP and carrot topper/piece cutter WOS
• open construction, easy to maintain
• very robust and hard-wearing

Stepflow singulator PVW


Voltage:230V, 50/60 Hz
Installed power:1.1 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH):1,570 x 1,125 x 1,900 mm
Infeed height:1,000 mm (39”)
Product diameter minimum:25 mm (0.98”)
Product diameter maximum:65 mm (2.56”)