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Revolver peeler CRR

The Sormac revolver peeler type CRR has 25 carborundum (also known as silicon carbide) peeling rollers that together form a drum. Both the drum and rollers rotate separately and have independent adjustable speed control. The control is through a series of heavy-duty V-belts that all run in a driving pulley and therefore guarantee a very reliable operation.

Each roller has a double bearing arrangement and can be changed very quickly by virtue of a unique clamping device that ensures dismantling bearings is unnecessary. The high level of stability of the drum makes it possible to keep the distance between the rollers very small (< 4 mm).

Access for internal cleaning to the peeler is gained through large side doors on either side of the machine. On the right side of the machine, there are two integrated folding rollers for cleaning the conveyor screw and the inner side of the drum.

The retention time in the peeler is controlled by means of a horizontal auger screw. There are two separate water spray systems on the outside of the rollers that can each be controlled individually. If required, water can also be applied to the inner side of the rollers through the shaft of the auger screw. The motors are built into a separate and hygienic compartment above the peeling area.

  • "We got a good feeling about the machines and the perfect end product. So it didn’t take a lot of time to decide that Sormac revolver peelers were the right choice for us.“

  • Mr. Yosi Kanner, Gezer Shluhot, Israel

Product specification

The revolver peeler type CRR is specially designed for peeling small diameter sized products such as small potatoes and carrots. The recommended product diameter is between 3/16″ and 1 3/4″.


The capacity of the peeler depends on the required peeling percentage. Depending on the carborundum coating used, 650 to 1,550 lbs can be peeled per hour.


• peeling with or without water
• quick mounting / demounting of the peeling rollers
• all rollers double beared
• all V-belts run through a V-belt pulley
• very low noise level
• motors and drive in a separate compartment
• small opening between the rollers (3/16″)


• control panel on a base
• set of rollers for initial peeling
• set of rollers for polishing
• various platforms
• various waste hopper types