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Centrifuge SC/NextGen

The Sormac SC/NextGen centrifuge is used to dry leafy vegetables. The drum has a completely smooth inner surface without a central axle or other parts that could damage the product. The patented drive with magnetic bearing support delivers steady and smooth operation in all circumstances. The shuttle conveyor evenly distributes the produce over the slowly rotating drum. After this, the drum accelerates to the set rotation speed. The drum is decelerated at the end of the drying cycle and the slanting position of the drum causes the produce to slide onto the outfeed conveyor.

The buffer conveyor is filled during the drying cycle so as to not interrupt the continuous product flow. The configuration of the Sormac centrifuge minimizes the probability of the produce being damaged.

The dimensions of the drum are large enough to achieve a low produce layer thickness and an even and low pressure on the produce.

The SC/NextGen is characterized by an exceptionally open design with optimal accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. Energy savings of approximately 20% are achieved by the combination of more efficient motors and a frequency inverter with an energy recovery system.

  • "The SC-940NextGen is another step forward for centrifuging delicate leafy vegetables and cut vegetables. We have faith in Sormac's knowledge and skills. We can clearly see how Sormac is committed to continuous improvement".

  • Mr. Peter van Kampen, Heemskerk Fresh&Easy

Product specification

Cut hard leafy vegetables, soft lettuces, and various cut vegetables. Depending on specific density, there may be restrictions as regards produce dimensions.


The capacity of the centrifuge depends on the product, the entry moisture level, and the desired final moisture level. Capacities of up to 5,100 lbs per hour are feasible.


Patented drum suspension

The drum hangs freely in conveyors and is positioned magnetically: Fewer moving and wearing parts and high cycle efficiency (quick filling and unloading).

Unbalance controller centrifuge SC-940/NextGen - Sormac

Unbalance controller

Any unbalance is detected in a timely manner and corrected by a patented unbalance controller, thus achieving a consistently dry end product.

Optimally hygienic and accessible design

Large doors and covers provide optimum access to the machine for maintenance and cleaning.

Unique patented filling system - SC-940/NextGen - Sormac

Unique patented filling system

Ensures even drum filling with minimum damage to products.

Buffer conveyor setup of the drum

Enables continuous product supply.

Centrifuge SC/NextGen


Type SC-940NextGen
Voltage 230/400V, 50/60Hz
Installed power 24 kW 33 HP
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6,715 x 2,335 x 2,310 mm 264.6” x 91.9” x 91.0”
Water consumption -
Air consumption approx. 0.4 Nm3/min approx. 14.1 ft3/min
Drum diameter 940 mm