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Preparation table VBT

Sormacs technical design team have been responsible over many years for developing innovative preparation and conveying systems from the most simple to complex two-tier rotary systems, with automatic weighing and mixing.

The preparation conveyor VBT-3/4 is in principle constructed as a three-belt system, which can be executed as a four-belt system if desirable. The product is delivered by the supply belt, which is situated on the middle level. The operator takes off the product and processes it at the preparation station. The processed product is then placed onto the upper conveyor to avoid contact with discarded material. The waste falls in a hopper (three-belt system) or directly on the waste belt (four-belt system).

All belts are provided with a quick release system, which enables immediate access for thorough cleaning. The preparation stations have separate personnel foot stands which are adjustable to individual operator working heights. This system has proved itself to be the most ergonomic hand pre-processing system that allows operating personnel to determine their preferred operational working position.

The trimming table VBT-3/4 is standard with 12 preparation stations (6 per side). Alternative sizes are available.

Product specification

The preparation conveyors VBT-3 have been developed for the processing of leafy vegetables. They are also suitable for all other hand prepared and pre-prepared products.


• robust construction
• numerous options available
• modular construction


• decoring drills
• knife holders
• hand showers
• heightened layout with platform

Preparation table VBT


Voltage:230/400 V, 50/60 Hz
Installed power:1.65 kW
Dimensions (LxW):5,350 x 1,200 mm
Number workplaces:6
Work plateau width:500 mm
Work plateau depth:340 mm
Work plateau height:900 mm
Product discharge height:1,300 mm
Waste discharge height:410 mm