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Vegetable sticks machine GSM-1200

The vegetable sticks machine GSM-1200 cuts vegetables into batons or sticks. The product is placed on a V-shaped infeed plate in the GSM-1200, which centers the product.

Closing the lid activates the cutting mechanism. The cutting mechanism is driven by a powerful pneumatic cylinder. This enables hard products to be cut with a maximum diameter of 1 13/16” and a maximum length of 3 3/16”.

The cylinder pushes the product completely through the knife unit, which is equipped with special blades to ensure perfect cutting results. The knives can easily be changed by using a quick-release system.

The GSM-1200 can be placed on a table or on a mobile frame (optional). The cut product can be collected into a crate or tray.

Product specification

The vegetable sticks machine cuts long shaped vegetables into sticks, to be cut to a diameter of max. 1 13/16” and a length of max. 3 3/16”.


Capacity approximately 1,200 pieces per hour, depending on the skill of the operator.


Powerful pneumatic cylinderGSM-1200 - Sormac

Powerful pneumatic cylinder

The powerful pneumatic cylinder enables hard product with a large diameter to be sliced.

Knife - GSM-1200 Sormac

Quick release system knife unit and pusher

The knife units and the pusher are easy to remove and change. This also allows for easy cleaning.


Mobile frame for GSM-1200 Sormac

Mobile frame

The GSM-1200 sticks machine can be placed on a mobile frame. This frame also offers space for the knife units, pushers, and boxes.