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Automatic carrot topper WOA

The 3 or 4 lane automatic carrot topper WOA-3/4 consists of an infeed hopper with singulation system, a special conveyor, aligning belts, and a knife platform. The conveyor is made of aluminum trays, which are mounted on heavy-duty drive belts on both sides of the machine. Mounted above the hopper is a unique driven leveling unit to ensure a single depth of carrots are delivered onto the stepped singulation elevator.

The singulation system positions the carrots in the trays. These trays then pass over the aligning belts, which are mounted on the underside of the machine. The aligning belts transport the carrots firstly to the left and then to the right, where they are topped or tailed depending on orientation.

The machine can be supplied with two type singulation systems:
Type S: carrot diameter 1″ to 2 1/8″
Type L: carrot diameter 1 1/2″ to 3 11/32″

Depending on the execution of the machine, it is possible to cut the carrots into pre-set pieces of minimal 1 1/2″ (standard 2″). These knives can optionally be executed in such a way that, by pushing a button, they automatically retract.

The machine is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning /sanitation and is equipped with threaded spindle motors which facilitates the lowering of the complete transport tray section in such a way as to give complete access to all internal aligning belts and cutting drive sections.

  • "The WOA-3 is ingeniously designed and of extremely robust construction, whereby only the very best quality materials have been used and totally reliable parts. The robust construction particularly appealed to us. We have to keep production going at all times and cannot afford to run the risk of lost time due to faulty machinery."

  • Mr. Daniel Verduyn, Verduyn NV,

Product specification

The WOA-3 processes carrots with a maximum length of 14” (min. 7”). The WOA-4 processes carrots with a maximum length of 10” (min. 5”). For a good working, the carrot foliage and stones have to be removed.


The capacity is adjustable and depends on the diameter, quality and weight of the carrots and is approx. 2,200 – 11,000 lbs per hour.

In numbers of carrots the capacity with a filling degree of 70% will be:
Singulation belt WOA-3
Type S max. 13.860 pcs/h.
Type L max. 12.500 pcs/h.

Singulation belt WOA-4
Type S max. 18.500 pcs/h.
Type L max. 16.500 pcs/h.


Static knives

The ingenious design of the knives creates a good, clean cutting result.

Unique positioning system

Ensures that the product is evenly aligned against the topping and tailing knives.

Flexible slicing system

The topping and tailing lengths are continuously adjustable. The piece cutting knives are available in different lengths.

Robust design

Heavy-duty machine with a low maintenance frequency and low downtime.


• outfeed conveyors for end product and waste
• frame with platform
• automatic withdrawable knives for piece cutting

Automatic carrot topper WOA


Voltage:230/400 V, 50/60 Hz
Installed power:3.55 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH):4,310 x 2,390 x 1,895 mm
Air pressure:6 bar (e) (87 psi)
Top size (adjustable):16 - 26 mm (0.63”- 1”)