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Carrot topper and piece cutter WOS-1A

The WOS-1A carrot topper and piece cutter consists of a number of chain-mounted flights, one base plate, and 2 aligning belts with a knife platform.

The singulated carrots are placed between the flights either by hand or are fed from a peeler e.g the Sormac knife peelers type KP and UP. The aligning belts transport the carrot firstly to the left and then to the right against a guide plate, where they are topped or tailed depending on orientation. In the last operation, the carrot is also cut into pieces. The tops and tails exit the machine separate from the final product.

The static knives and special positioning system offer a clear square cut without waste. The guide plate and top size are adjustable from 6/16″ to 1 3/16″. In the standard execution, the carrot is sliced into 2″ pieces. Other lengths are available on request. The hinged slicing knives are easily removable.

Adjustable height and a hinge-mounted control panel make it possible to adjust the machine to the optimum working position.

Product specification

The WOS-1A processes carrots with a maximal diameter of 3” and a maximum length of 14”.


The capacity of the WOS-1A is approx. 160 carrots per minute, depending on the infeed speed of the carrots.


Static knives

The ingenious design of the knives creates a good, clean cutting result.

Unique positioning system

Ensures that the product is evenly aligned against the topping and tailing knives.

Flexible slicing system

The topping and tailing lengths are continuously adjustable. The piece cutting knives are available in different lengths.

Compact and versatile design

The machine is highly versatile and easily combined with other machines.


• non-standard piece sizes
• infeed hopper for set up in combination with knife peeler type KP

Carrot topper and piece cutter WOS-1A


Voltage:230 V, 50/60 Hz
Installed power:0.61 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH):2,715 x 845 x 1,790 mm
Capacity:max. 160 carrots/min.
Carrot dimensions diameter:max. 75 mm (3”)
Length:max. 350 mm (14”)
Top-/tail size:12-29 mm (adjustable) (0.47”- 1.14”)
Piece size:50 mm (2”)