New fully waterproof emergency stop

Electrical components are not ideal for use in cold and humid spaces. Yet, every machine in the fresh vegetable and fruit processing industry needs these components to function. A standard emergency stop often causes problems. That’s why our R&D department developed a fully waterproof emergency stop.

Core benefits:

  1. Full stainless steel housing with food-safe gasket.
  2. Improved hygiene: because of its downward slope, the roof remains water-free.
  3. Resistant to high-pressure cleaning.
  4. With the new emergency stop, the risk of electronic defects throughout the entire processing line is significantly reduced.
These four benefits make the stop suitable for all high-care areas. Our machines will be equipped with this new fully waterproof and hygienic emergency stop from now on. If you wish to upgrade your equipment with this latest model, please feel free to contact us.